The Downloadable Casino Option

When you are looking to play at an Internet casino you generally have one of two choices; downloadable casinos and Flash casinos. The downloadable casino offers you more complex software, for free, that you download onto your computer’s hard drive. You then play the casino games on your computer, with a connection through the Internet to the casino itself.

The advantage to downloadable Internet casino software is that the games are more realistic and the graphics are much better. The graphics of the software can be in 2-D or 3-D and the audio quality is first rate. When you download and play a game on your own computer you do not have to rely on your internet connection speed for the game. This makes the games faster and more reliable as well.

The one disadvantage of downloadable Internet gaming software is that you will have to spend a bit of time for the download and then install the software package on your hard drive. Generally, you will have to have a PC, not a MAC, and you will need to have available hard drive space for the program.


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